Mini Bernedoodle Testimonials

Testimony for Lulu

Lulu is 1 1/2 and is amazing. She’s very loyal and so smart. We love her!

- Carmen Lundvall

Testimony for Bentley

I want to thank ya’ll for a happy little fluffy puppy. Didn’t know what it was going to be like this past year after losing my dog Boomer and rushing in and getting this crazy loving guy. I did rename Grover. His name is Bentley, the first name on my list, lol. He still is that fun-loving puppy. Still can’t believe I drove from Texas last summer to get him. Lol. How he has grown up so fast 40 plus lbs and almost a year now. Bentley loves to play with his four-legged friends and loves his family. He is so goofy and loves to take pictures. Bentley is happy about everything. Love this guy.

- Suzanne McCafferty / Tomball TX
Lilly and Champ's puppy / 05/15/2021

Testimony for Jackie

Cindy is amazing. Lost all her brown, but 24 pounds full grown and so smart and lovey. Shes sucks on a blanket a lot.

- Jackie Miller / Gaithersburg MD
Lilly and Champ's puppy / D.O.B 03/19/2021

Testimony for Jimmy

"Izzy" with her new family!

- Jimmy Ginn / Dorchester SC
Sophie and Ronald's puppy / D.O.B 12/ 13/2021.

Charity I just wanted to thank you for our amazing puppy! We are in love! He goes everywhere with us! Everyone loves his personality ! He is fun, adventurous, easy to train and very smart ! He loves to be on the go but also loves to cuddle! He crate trained immediately and often goes in there during the day to sleep. He is pure joy! He was so easy to potty train and started going to the door at about 13 weeks. My boys 11 and 14 are in love ! Thank you for our amazing Rocky, formerly Drew! He will be 19 weeks on July 30th and he is 23 pounds! We are so blessed ! I would recommend you to anyone!

- Jennifer Shadwick / Tolono IN
Luna and Ronald's puppy / D.O.B 03/19/2021

Testimony for Lindeboom

Finn and I have been stopped in stores, at the Farmers Market, and even during his puppy training class, and I always rave about your kennel. You really know your puppies and their personalities, and you found us the perfect fit. Finn has been an outstanding addition to our pack. Because my other two dogs are older and smaller, I was worried about introducing a puppy, but he has been wonderful. Finn goes everywhere with us (even my parents' boat), and he handles every situation extremely well. He is an ace in his puppy training class, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

- Nicole Lindeboom / Rockford MI
Sophie/ Ronald litter / D.O.B 03/28/2021

Testimony for Addie

Just a quick update on Addie’s progress. She is thriving....22 pounds at 4 months. Very smart...she is trained to ring the bells when she needs to go out. She is loving, playful and a wee bit stubborn at times. Thank you for providing us with this wonderful gift.

- Ken & Becky Cunningham

Testimony for Allison Green

She is the best puppy I have ever raised! We are best buddies already. No accidents yet, sleeping very well for a puppy, shockingly good actually. She loves to play with my hubby and then come and crash on me. I am so grateful for her in my life. She is asleep on me as I write to you.
We had all these names picked out but they were all too cute and she is more dignified and majestic yet playful. We had a magical trip to Rome when my husband was sent there for work, so we named her Bella which in Italian means beautiful. My husband just said it out loud and then called her and she came right away when we were on a rest break on our way home. I will send more pictures as she ages. Thank you for your hard work. It shows in her and makes us feel so lucky.
Thank you for the information on the vitamins, and shampoo!
Thank you again,

- Allison Greene / Michigan

Testimony for Henry

We wanted to give you an update on Henry and let you know how blessed we are to have him as an amazing little addition to our family! Henry is now almost 10 months old! He is so sweet, stubborn, playful and everyone loves him! He likes to go for walks, car rides and loves to play with his friends at the dog park. He is so loving and is always by our side. He is also 45lbs and a little fur ball. Wherever we go people love him and always want to take him home themselves! We have loved every second with him! Thank you again for everything!

- Theresa-Ann, Austin, and Henry

Testimony for Sulley

Greetings from Lincoln, Nebraska. I thought I'd check in with a 4 month update on Sulley! He's extremely healthy and energetic - weighing just over 22 pounds. All vet visits have been great. He has adjusted to his part of our home as "his living area." He enjoys playing in the living room and kitchen with our family several times daily and continues to look forward to multiple walks daily. He has mastered potty training and sleeps all night. He absolutely loves car rides. He is learning to go to work at my office several times weekly. He loves playing in water and chewing on ice (along with about anything else). Wishing you and your family God's blessings.

- The Boysen Family, Lincoln Nebraska

Testimony for Arnie

Hi Charity, Just wanted to give you an update on Arnie! He is doing incredibly well! He just went for his vet visit and he is extremely healthy and growing by leaps and bounds. He weighs 18 lbs. at 12 weeks!! He loves the beach, playing with any dog he sees and loves people! We go to school once a week and he is a very quick learner. He has learned sit, lie down,and high five. We are working on walking on a leash, stay , come and wait. He is just a joy and we love him!! I will keep you posted!

- Marty Gurry, SeaBrook NH

Testimony for Teddy

We have named him "Teddy!" Here's a recent pic of him stealing the babies paci, he does that often! 3 months old.

- Sara Macek, Troy MI

Testimony for Kahluiee

This is "Kahluiee". 5 months old.

- Sandy Gray, Chesterfield MO

Testimony for Ramblin

"Ramblin" and Gary Henschell, Las Vegas NV